Dating for Keeps

Things have changed. But not that much. Men are pretty much, still men. Women are usually, still women. Marriage on the other hand, that’s a different story. However, regardless of your Vision of Love, your heart can still break, so let’s not take too many chances with such a precious treasure. If you are serious about wanting a true love to last, at least as a friendship, then you’ll want to learn my Dating Coach Rules so you can have the greatest chance of a live time of loving.

On this journey of “Dating to Win” or “Winning the Game of Love” or whatever you may call this long & winding road, you’ll experience some predictable challenges. So, like a big sister, I’m here to help you minimize your chances of heart break and become the graceful yet powerful woman laying dormant inside of you!

Book mark this post to find this website, whenever you need some clarity for your relationship goals or dating advice. My dating tips are culled from over 20 years experience with hopeful single and men; 98% of those who follow my advice are still happily married! This is because I focus on personal development strategies to increase your chances of lasting love.