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10 Ways to Teach Your Man How to Love You Just Right

There’s a very helpful article you may enjoy, from Essence magazine, which highlights 10 Ways to Teach Your Man how to Love You just right. I added my extra guidelines to further detail the specifics, based on my coaching practice:

  1. Know your Love Languages, both how you & your beloved each prefer to show & receive L-O-V-E.
  2. Giving feedback is essential, in the right timing & tone of voice!
  3. Give what you hope to receive. Many men have never had the attentiveness you seek.
  4. Speak your mind, but again, with the right tone of voice & timing.
  5. Allow him time to adjust to your ways. Introduce your version of “planet love”gradually so he can both savor & recognize its importance to you.
  6. Open up. While it’s scary for any of us to open our feelings, especially if we’re afraid of someone rejecting us, men have been given messages from birth about keeping a lid on their feelings. When he *gradually* experiences your depth of feeling, he will likely feel safe to reciprocate. And when he does, your support can literally level up your Love Life.
  7. Love Like you’ve never been hurt, but(!) remember to take it one-step-at-a-time. He should NOT be punished for what your past perpetrators did to you.
  8. Get Serious! Well, this is a delicate balance. Men love a woman who has a joie-de-vivre, BUT, he respects a woman who can take care of her business. 
  9. Make every encounter with your beloved special or at least productive. Keep him wanting more of your flavors of Love. Most of us work a lot, so when we have free time, we want to feel like we’ve had a break from work.
  10. Invoke the Goddess! When you’re man errs, be direct & let him know…but with Love. Raising your voice happens, but it should be a rare occurrence if in anger. If you’re getting angry too often, step back and let you both contemplate what’s been transpiring.

SOURCE: https://www.essence.com/loverelationships/10-ways-teach-your-man-how-love-you-just-right/#33689