Rekindling Passion

“Turn your Fizzle into a Sizzle”

Whether you are single or married, or somewhere in-between, you need savvy information to ignite or re-ignite the passion in yourself, your life, and/or your relationship. So what to do? Well, first you must assess your situation. Why are things the way they are? Sometimes it helps to get an objective perspective, but more about that later. For now, just take some time to reflect, contemplate, and evaluate as best you can.

Whether or not you feel it’s your partner, or lack thereof, it’s still about YOU! Why? Because it’s your happiness & personal fulfillment in question. No one can make you happy, ultimately, except yourself. And, as it turns out, ironically, the happier you make yourself, the more likely you will draw to you the experiences you so desire. Again, why is this? Well, think about the people who you find attractive. Aren’t they inspiring, uplifting, or otherwise self-confident.

So, what creates this “alchemy of attraction”?

Human beings are naturally attracted to the “energy” or “vibe” others exude.

What energy are you exuding? Are you ready for passion? Does it show?

Start with the basics: Self-care. Restful sleep, good nutrition, your favorite exercise, engaging hobbies, inspiring companions, uplifting entertainment, a makeover, emotional support, spiritual growth, and life-long learning, to name a few steps in the right direction. Once you are enjoying good health & personal inspiration, you will find people are naturally drawn to you. Then you must practice effective discernment!

Often, we need support to reach our full potential, whether it’s to attract a mate or achieve our personal goals. I’ve developed a program for Rekindling Passion, Dating Him for Keeps, which includes, Your Feminine Radiance, and it’s so much fun. You can sign-up for individual or group coaching options.

Ready? Complete this quick quiz to learn more about yourself, your fantasies, and how to make your sex life sizzle! The more you learn about yourself, the more gracefully you can navigate your Love Life!

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