Case Studies

With my multi-prong approach, you will go from Preparation for Dating, through Dating to Win, into From Dating to Marriage, all at your own pace. It make take anywhere from six months to a couple years, on average, with my clients, when they follow my advice. Weekly phone calls make all the difference, keeping you on track and feeling delightfully supported as you screen prospective dates, and meet eligible bachelors. Most of my clients are executive women who have lost touch with their feminine side and want the emotional support which is not always easy or appropriate for family & friends.


School Principal

40-something woman married with a year, following my advice.


Child Psychiatrist

50-something doctor married within a year, following my advice.


Hospital Administrator

30-something woman ended up focusing on changing her career to attract the right man.


Clinic Director

30-something worked on many childhood wounds, especially trust issues.