Coaching Program

Welcome to your personal coaching program!

My DATING for KEEPS Coaching Program for women can be enjoyed via phone or home study course, with or without attending my periodic workshops & retreats. Obviously all three are the ideal choice. This allows you to progress at your own pace, savoring your awakening as an ecstatic angel.

Why do I say “ecstatic angel”? Well, your highest, most feminine expression is happy & angelic. As a base point, this is pretty ecstatic. Of course, Life has its ups & downs, and we do enjoy our taboo subjects, but by & large, becoming an Ecstatic Angel will attract men to you like bees to honey…or jasmine or rose oil, your choice!

Set up a time for us to get acquainted; decide which day & time each week will work best for you. Don’t let another weekend find you forlorn and lonely. I will teach you how to cultivate your heart-felt desires and create that Vision of Love.

In preparation, reflect on any patterns you may observe in your relationship history. Also, make a list of your “non-negotiables” in a life partner. We will help you align with your true potential for a healthy, happy, loving, prosperous love relationship!

Contact me for an introductory session HERE.